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Kuwait welcomes UN resolution on Yemen
April 19, 2015, 10:26 am

 Kuwait has welcomed the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216 under Chapter VII related to the situation in Yemen.

“Operation Decisive Storm was premised on legitimacy and the adoption of the resolution by the Security Council stresses and embodies the legitimacy of the military actions against the Houthis,” Khalid Al Jarallah, the foreign ministry undersecretary, said. “The international legitimacy reinforces the Gulf and Arab legitimate actions and motivates the elements who waded out of the legitimacy to go back to it and to accept it,” he said in remarks published by a local daily on Saturday.

The statement by Al Jarallah was the first official Kuwaiti reaction to the resolution adopted by 14 member states of the Security Council with Russia abstaining.

Operation Storm of Resolve, the codename for the military operations, was launched on March 26 “in support of the people of Yemen and the legitimate government of Yemen.”

Fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member Bahrain last week welcomed the adoption by the Security Council of Resolution 2216 saying it was “a critical and necessary step to restore security and stability to Yemen and to preserve the unity and integrity of its territories.”

The GCC comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Only Oman has not joined the international Saudi-led alliance.

“Operation Storm of Resolve was launched to rectify the political operation to defend the stability and security of the GCC countries,” Al Jarallah said. “It will continue until it guarantees the stability and security of the GCC countries, the return of legitimacy in Yemen and the use of the Gulf initiative, the outcomes of the dialogue and the resolutions of the Security Council, including Resolution 2216.”

Referring to the Pakistani stance towards Operation Storm of resolve characterized by some people “nonspecific”, Al Jarallah said that Pakistan was an important country in the region.

“It has its own considerations and we see it as an ally of the GCC countries,” he said. “We understand its position, and we believe that Pakistan has emphasized on more than one occasion that the security of the Gulf, and Saudi Arabia in particular, is a red line. Such a position is valued and is seem with respect and understanding by the GCC states,” he said, quoted by the daily.

Relations between long-standing traditional allies GCC countries and Pakistan faced an acid test this month after the Pakistani parliament voted not to take part in the Saudi Arabia-led military operation to defeat Al Houthi rebels and restore Yemen’s legitimate government.

Riyadh had reportedly wanted Islamabad to assist them with ground troops, fighter jets and naval ships.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, torn between the wishes of traditional ally Saudi Arabia and neighbouring Iran that backs the Al Houthis in Yemen, opted to turn to parliament for a decision.

However, the lawmakers’ vote for non-participation in the military operations triggered anger and disappointment in the GCC.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash said the Pakistani parliament’s rejection of intervention in Yemen was “unexpected.”

“The Pakistani parliament’s decision about neutrality in the Yemeni conflict but genuine support for Saudi Arabia is paradoxical and unexpected from Islamabad,” he posted on his Twitter account.

“The Arabian Gulf is now going through a critical and crucial confrontation and its strategic security is at stake. Such moments of truth characterise genuine allies and distinguish them from those who are limited to media and statements,” he said.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on April 12 rejected the tweets as “against diplomatic norms.”

However, Pakistan Muslim League-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, criticised Nisar.

According to Pakistani media, he said Pakistan has been made “a laughing stock” throughout the world because of an “irresponsible debate” in the Parliament and afterwards a vague resolution was adopted.

“The Pakistan Muslim League party’s stance right from the first day has been that Pakistan should unconditionally back Saudi Arabia in this testing time and now the United Nations Security Council has also endorsed our party stance,” he said.

Ahmad Quraishi, a Pakistani media figure, delivered a three-minute message in Arabic live to allies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

“The parliament resolution on neutrality in Yemen does not represent the feelings of the majority of the Pakistanis,” he said in impeccable Arabic. “We are committed to our allies in the Gulf,” he said.

On his Twitter account, he posted: “The formation of the first Arab-Islamic alliance to address the issues of the region without the interference of the West was a great achievement and the Saudi diplomacy should be credited for it. A bold and courageous policy.”

In an earlier tweet, he said: “Parliament’s resolution on Yemen should be archived. Pakistan must join Storm of Resolve, stand by our Gulf allies in their hour of need.”

In other comments he made on Express News, one of Pakistan’s largest television news networks, he mentioned “eight reasons why Pakistan should participate in the operation.

“The conflict in Yemen is a power struggle between different tribes in a tribal society,” he said. “The warring factions are not divided by sect or religion.

“Iran exploited the power struggle inside Yemen and the abrupt American withdrawal from the country to fill the vacuum. The only reason Yemen is of any value to Iran is that Yemen shares a long border with Saudi Arabia. Yemen is considered Saudi Arabia’s backyard, with strong tribal connections on both sides of the border. As expected, Riyadh reacted sharply to reports that Iran made inroads in the Saudi backyard.”

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