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Kuwait worker arrests dubbed 'random'
May 14, 2014, 2:57 pm

Dozens of migrant Asian workers face being deported from Kuwait over the next few days following a crackdown that some critics have described as “random” and “unjustified”.

The so-called administrative deportation program follows the arrests of one hundred Asian expatriates in the capital Governorate, who were accused of gambling, Arab Times online reported, quoting Arabic daily Al Qabas.

However, sources told the newspaper that in actual fact most of those arrested were picked randomly from streets and public transport buses.

The sources said due to a lack of evidence, security authorities could not prove a single charge against those arrested, but they were still moved to police stations where a decision was made to deport them.

“In spite of desperate attempts by the sponsors of the detainees to know the reasons for their detention, heads of some police stations reportedly said they are unable to take any decision to refer the detainees for investigation because deportation orders have already been issued,” the report said.

It said if Ministry of Interior had decided to reduce the number of Asian expatriates and others it should be done legally and using civilized methods.



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