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Kuwaiti accused of selling fake visas to expats caught
August 21, 2017, 8:17 am

A Kuwaiti citizen who is accused of swindling expatriates by issuing forged entry visas to them has been arrested. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the General Department of Public Relations and Security Media explained that the General Department for Residency Affairs received information from a Kuwaiti citizen about a compatriot who has been swindling expatriates by offering them fake entry visas.

A team was immediately formed to conduct investigations in this regard. After confirming the information and taking necessary legal measures, the suspect was arrested in possession of a fake entry visa. They checked his details to discover he is involved in several other cases. He was referred to the concerned authorities over allegations of forgery. A case was registered.

Hunt for fake officer

Police are looking for an unknown individual who impersonated a police officer of rank “Lieutenant Colonel” and requested information about some people and their cars from the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior.

An officer in the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior, who attended the call that came on the hotline No. 112, suspected the fake officer after the latter called more than once and claimed to be working for a sensitive department of the ministry, which gives him the right to access any information he wanted.

The officer of the Operations Room then contacted the sensitive department but was shocked when he was informed that there was no officer of that name in the department. Security authorities are conducting extensive investigations to find the fake officer.

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