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Kuwaiti girls face jail over 'vulgar' videos
December 13, 2014, 8:13 am

Five Kuwaiti girls are facing criminal charges after posting videos that were allegedly sexually explicit on social media.

In a case involving two of the girls, one is accused of filming the other showing part of her breasts to the camera while driving. They uploaded the video onto Instagram.

Mishari Al Ayada, a laywer who laid the charges, told Kuwait Times he was offended by the girls’ conduct and believed they had breached morality laws in the conservative Islamic country.

“[It] is legally considered an incitement to immorality,” he said.

“As a citizen living in this country, I have the right to sue those who commit crimes that harm the society.”

He said it was easy to identify the girls from their Instagram account.

Al Ayada also has charged three girls caught taking what he described as “vulgar” photos of each other while lying on the floor of a shopping mall.

“These girls committed a crime classified as a flagrant act in a public place,” he was quoted as saying.

“Since their act was bawdy and a breach of modesty in a visual way and publicly, it’s considered a crime and they will be trialled.

“I filed a complaint at the police station as their identity is not known yet, but investigators are working on finding them so they can be sued.”

Al Ayada said he filed the cases to deter others.

“We live in a conservative society that doesn’t accept such deviant acts that may negatively affect people, and especially the youth,” he said.

The girls face a year in jail or a fine of up to KD1000 ($3430), he said.

Cases also have been filed against three authors who were accused of writing immoral sentences in their novels.

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