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Kuwaiti held with drugs, knife – Carrying liquor publicly
October 7, 2017, 8:11 am

A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested in Riqqa area in possession of a sachet of methamphetamine and a knife. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling the area at night when they suspected a motorist and demanded him to pull over.

They checked his details to discover he is a Kuwaiti citizen who is involved in a drug-related case. They checked his vehicle and found a sachet of methamphetamine as well as a knife. He was arrested and referred with the drug to the Drugs Control General Department for necessary legal action.

Meanwhile, two Kuwaiti citizens were arrested in Maidan Hawally area after Hawally securitymen saw them standing in front of a building and holding an imported bottle of liquor. They were detained in the police station of the area.

Meanwhile, security operatives attached to Ahmadi Command apprehended a drunken Kuwaiti man at a security checkpoint in Mahboula area in possession of a bottle of liquor, reports Al-Anba daily.

The officers were conducting a stop and search operation when the suspect arrived at the location heavily drunk. They discovered he was an ex-convict while checking his identity and went ahead to conduct a search his car. They found a bottle of liquor and referred him for legal action.

Source: Arab Times

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