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Kuwaitis in flats exempted from utilities increase
April 20, 2016, 8:18 am

The parliamentary Financial and Economic Affairs Committee agreed Tuesday to exempt citizens residing in investment residential buildings from the proposal to increase electricity and water charges.

MP Mohammad Al-Jabri disclosed that the amended version of the bill states that Kuwaitis renting apartment s or flats shall be treated like their compatriots who are residing in private houses in terms of electricity and water charges provided they have no other private accommodations.

He added the committee decided to exempt the agricultural and industrial sectors as well, clarifying the regulations for production sectors are set by the ministry.

On the other hand, committee member MP Ahmad Al-Qudaibi claimed the amendments approved during the meeting serve the interests of property owners, not the ordinary citizens. He said he voted against these amendments because he finds them detrimental to majority of the citizens.

Source: Arab Times

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