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Legalized status reduces work permits
March 11, 2015, 8:54 am

An adjustment to the process of transferring work permit in government projects to other sponsors on condition of spending at least one year working for the first sponsor and getting the sponsor’s approval would help reduce work permits issued to 70 percent of the usual rate.

The adjustments would also allow laborers to transfer visas to dependant, or domestic labor in order to work for other ministries or government establishments, sources said.

Further, the sources highlighted that the recent measures taken in relation to some government contracts, including freezing some companies’ files, helped increase visa cancellation transactions with the aim of leaving Kuwait for good. Daily cancellation transactions jumped from 20 to 80, the sources said.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Al-Ansari, the Capital Work Permits Manager at the Manpower Public Authority, promised major companies and establishments that are already exempted from issuing work permits (such as private schools, law firms and agents) that they would soon be able to issue the work permits they need online without having to go to any work permit departments. “This will help save much time and effort,” he stressed.

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