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MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji queries Ministry on Abdally cell
September 8, 2015, 9:30 am

 MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji has forwarded questions to the ministry regarding the Abdally terrorist cell as follows:

â–  What measures were taken against a cultural association as some of its board members were arrested for involvement in the terrorist cell?

â–  How much is the financial support that the association receives from the State?

â–  Is the building currently used by the association rented or owned by the State?

â–  How many are the members of the association’s general assembly?

â–  When was the association registered?

â–  Who are the founders that signed the proclamation of the association?

â–  What is the reason behind the dissolution of the board of directors of the Independence Club? Is this the same act committed by some members of the cultural association who have been accused of involvement in a State security case? In a related development, Al-Turaiji has also submitted queries to Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Al- Hamoud on Al-Kout Channel.

He asked about the measures which will be taken against the channel if it is true that two of its officials were amongst those arrested for involvement in the terrorist cell. He wants to know the owner of the channel, date of obtaining the license, regulations for establishing a television channel in Kuwait, and names of the channel’s employees — Kuwaitis and expatriates.

Source: Arab Times

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