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MP proposal tackles domestic violence
August 31, 2016, 8:28 am

MPs Abdullah Al-Mayouf, Saleh Ashoour, Khalil Al-Saleh, Jamal Al-Omar and Abdullah Tamimi have presented a proposal to amend Penal Code No. 16/1960 and Law No. 12/2015 in a bid to combat domestic violence. The proposal, which is now in the hands of the parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee, stipulates establishment of a family court to combat domestic violence, particularly violence against women in line with the gender equality principle.

According to the proponents of the bill, the main task of this court is to take legislative and other necessary measures to stop domestic violence. They said the family court will deal with family issues through the competent authority — the Family Affairs Prosecution.

The bill states the need to establish shelters for victims of domestic violence and child protection centers under the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in line with Article 77 of Child Rights Law No. 21/ 2015 on protecting children.

This is in addition to providing family and psychosocial counseling and rehabilitation services for the victims and aggressors in coordination with the Ministry of Health, and extending legal assistance to the victims. Meanwhile, Minister of Commerce and Industry Yusuf Al-Ali has underscored the need to apply all penalties stipulated in Law No. 10/79 on anyone proven to be manipulating the prices of commodities. He urged the inspectors to be strict in issuing citations to traders who increase prices without justification.

The minister made the statement when he visited Al-Sadiq Emergency Center recently to personally look into the flow of work and to motivate the inspectors. He asserted the ministry will not hesitate in punishing those who manipulate prices of commodities, especially since the gasoline price hike will not affect the prices of goods. He clarified there will be no increase in the prices of commodities without the ministry’s approval. He disclosed that the ministry recorded 372 violations in August and 11 of which were related to unjustified price hikes, indicating other violations include failure to put prices or expiration dates on the products. He affirmed the ministry has taken the necessary action against those who committed these violations.

Source: Arab Times

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