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Man set on fire in extreme prank
January 22, 2017, 5:15 pm

 A Kuwaiti man has set his friend on fire in an extreme prank that went too far and sparked calls for punitive action. Jassem Rajab who has made a name on social media platforms for his short clips imitating candid camera pranks, posted a one-minute video in which he was engaged in a daring game with his friend, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Sunday.

"I am here in a challenge to Abu Rajab," said the friend who had his hands tied behind his back and his eyes covered with a blindfold, referring to the prankster as the two stood facing the camera. Jassem said the friend was famous for having the loudest shouts on Instagram "as if to show off how virile he is."

"Do you want me to show you how much I am?" he asked. The victim dared him to prove how masculine he was. "I dare you and I challenge ten people like you," he said.

When the unsuspecting victim confirmed the challenge, the prankster calmly poured gasoline on his clothes and set him on fire. The victim was horrified and sought to escape from the fire engulfing him before the operation crew intervened to put it out and to free him.

The video later showed the two men together and the prankster insisting that he had taken all the precautions to ensure that nobody was at risk. "All arrangements were taken to make sure he is not affected by the fire," Jassem said. "We had a special cream to protect him and we had fire extinguishers nearby."

The victim, visibly shaken by the dangerous stunt, said that he had not expected to be set alight by his fire as part of a joke. "I saw death with my eyes. I thought it was going to be a light joke, but I did not expect to be set on fire."

Social media users said that Jassem had pushed the prank too far and that he should be severely punished for his action. Rima, a user, said that extreme pranks should be punished. "It was highly dangerous and terribly horrible, and the prankster should be punished."

Wise Words, another user said that the prank lacked imagination, common sense and good humour. Salman expressed concerns about the extent of the actions taken by some people to attract attention on social media.

"We have a grave problem with the Instagram generation who, save for a few, lack morals, good education and satisfactory attitudes," he posted.


Source: Gulf News

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