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Manpower authority reviewing decisions taken by labor sector
May 18, 2014, 9:15 am

The Public Authority for Manpower is currently reviewing decisions taken by the labor sector; such as the issuance of work permits, renewal and transfer of residency, as well as the government contracts, to pave the way for screening the procedures prior to the separation of the Labor Sector from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

According to sources, Director General of the authority Jamal Al-Dosari has had a series of meetings with officials of the authority, ministries of interior, commerce, industry and municipality to establish goals for the separation.

Sources added the higher committee formed in 2007 to organize the local labor market, with the minister of social affairs as head and the leaders of the abovementioned institutions as members, will be restructured in such a way that the chairmanship of the panel will be transferred from the minister to the director general of the authority.

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