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Ministry to cut phone lines from March 22 – Users can call 123 to know dues
March 5, 2015, 8:57 am

The Ministry of Communications urged all landline subscribers to pay their phone bills and warned that automated service cutting would start this month for those who fail to pay overdue bills. In this regard, informed sources explained that the ministry would follow the same standard procedures by sending a first warning message next Sunday, a second one on March 15 and finally cut the service on March 22 for those who do not comply.

The sources added that maximum limit after which the service would be cut is KD 50 for house landlines and KD 100 for commercial ones. In addition, the sources explained that lines with overdue bills that the ministry had already agreed to pay them by installments would be immediately disconnected if any delay in paying the due monthly installment. The delay in paying the annual subscription would also lead to disconnecting the service for over 6 months for both house and commercial lines.

The ministry announced that subscribers could pay their bills online at and the e-government gate at and that they could also inquire about their bills by calling 123.MoE to launch punch-in system The Ministry of Education is considering applying the fingerprint punch in and out system for all teachers after reports about a growing number of teachers do not show up to work at various schools without even being legally or financially held accountable for.

In other news, Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr Bader Al-Essa denied social media stories about referring staffs of Kuwait Cultural offices in London and Cairo to public prosecution over financial violations and corruption charges. Essa said allegations are being currently investigated.

Awqaf supports weapon collection

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs extended its support to the efforts by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on the weapon collection campaign. The MoI had launched the weapon collection campaign under the title ‘Together to Collect Weapons’. “Various mosque imams had been instructed to dedicate next Friday sermon to promote the campaign and urge worshippers to take part in it to as well as to take advantage of the four month grace period given to hand in weapons with legal accountability,” said Dr. Waleed Essa Al-Shuaib, the Assistant Undersecretary for Mosques Affairs at the Awqaf ministry.

Court frees father ‘killer’

The criminal court yesterday abstained from convicting a citizen for killing his own father by mistake. The accused was defending his mother when a fight between his parents in their family house in Ahamdi, said sources.

State to deport beggars

Police arrested a large group of beggars, including women, children and elderly men, said security sources. Case papers indicate that many beggars had been noticed around local bank branches and within some private residential areas and an arrest followed after a report on their roaming. The sources added that the suspects would be deported shortly.

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