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MoH ordered to pay ‘couple’ KD 5,001 over medical error
February 14, 2016, 8:57 am

The Civil Court has instructed the Ministry of Health to pay KD 5,001 final compensation to a husband and wife as the latter suffered due to medical error committed by a doctor who erroneously left part of a clamp in her stomach when she gave birth in a government hospital.

Attorney Rashid Al-Rashid, who represented the couple, told the court that five months after the wife gave birth; she felt pain in her stomach. She was surprised when she found out that a part of the clamp was left in her stomach so she went to a private hospital to remove it.

After thorough analysis on the pieces of evidence and arguments presented by both sides, the court ruled in favor of the couple and ordered payment of compensation to them.

Source: Al-Seyassah

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