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MoH to refer six medical services to pvt hospitals
December 28, 2014, 8:39 am

Dr Mohammad Al-Khashti, Ministry of Health’s Assistant Undersecretary for National Medical Services disclosed that the ministry has specified six medical services in which patients requiring the services will be referred to specific hospitals in the private sector, instead of the government hospitals, reports Al-Anba daily. In a statement, Dr Al-Khashti said the six medical services which include dental, anesthetization, natural therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, fertility medication and pediatrics were defined by the ministry, in cooperation with hospitals in the private sector.

Dr Al-Khashti indicated the six medical services might get referred to hospitals in the private sector to dodge long waiting list at government hospitals or make provision for better services using better medical equipments or even better medical capabilities. He also indicated the Dental Council of Kuwait offered to treat people with special needs in the hospitals in private sector, and this offer is under deliberation. Concerning pediatric services, he added that some children face medical difficulties and some need surgeries at a time when there is a long waiting list.

That’s why the idea of referring cases to hospitals in the private sector has become practical. Al-Khashti noted the matter has been settled already, aside from some technical and legal procedural measures, in addition to some approvals from private sector. He indicated the hospitals which will be selected by the ministry will be distinguished in providing medical services to patients.

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