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MoI personnel urged to abide by rules, regulations & ethics
September 12, 2015, 8:22 am
Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah during a meeting with the top leaders and administrators of the Ministry of Interior.

In a meeting with top leaders and administrators of the Ministry of Interior, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al- Hamad Al-Sabah stressed on Thursday the absolute need for all ministry employees to exercise maximum responsibility in their jobs.

He said the ministry placed great importance in having all employees follow the ministry’s prescribed rules and regulations and ethics including not disclosing classified information. Anyone who deviates from these set parameters should be reported to him personally, he said. “Everyone will be under scrutiny and I will personally hold accountable anyone, no matter what rank they have, if they misuse or abuse the requirements of their jobs,” he cautioned.

On the other hand, he praised those personnel in the ministry who carry out their duties with care and responsibility, keeping in mind the safety and security of the country and its people. In a statement issued today by the Ministry of Interior, the Interior Minister asked for the expedition of constructing new ministry buildings and centers, including a center for ministry retirees.

He moreover thanked ministry leaders and administrators who contributed to setting down the security strategy for the ministry for the next three-year period. Furthermore he apprised those present at today’s meeting of the results of his recent visit to the United States which included meeting with top US security officials, a visit that cemented the two countries strong cooperation in security matters. One of the major results of the visit, he said, was coordinating with US officials on easing the red tape for the acquisition of US entry visas for Kuwaiti students who sought to study in the US, and for their families who might wish to visit them at their places of study.

The minister also said he coordinated with US officials for facilitating visa requirements for Kuwaiti patients seeking medical attention in US hospitals, adding that he furthermore discussed with these officials easing procedures for air travel between the two countries. He said he also reviewed with US officials the recent security incidents in Kuwait, with the view of boosting bilateral coordination in security preparedness, including augmenting training programs for security personnel. Speaking at today’s meeting was Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lt. Gen. Sulaiman Al-Fahad who informed his listeners of the results of the GCC undersecretaries meeting yesterday in Riyadh whose recommendations will be passed on to the next meeting of GCC ministers of interior. He furthermore informed the meeting of middle leadership training programs adopted by developed countries and their viability locally within the Ministry of Interior.

The ministry statement indicated a number of undertakings were discussed at the meeting including the purchase of helicopters for ministry personnel and the leasing of 1,000 police cruisers, as well as preparing a media plan that would keep the public apprised of the work and achievements on a daily basis of the personnel of the Ministry of Interior.

Source: KUNA

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