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MoI succumbs to demands, juvenile age goes back to 18
January 11, 2017, 8:56 am

In a surprise move, the Ministry of Interior has finally caved in to demands and changed the juvenile law according to which a suspect is considered ‘juvenile’ until he/she is 18 years old, although there was a demand since 2015 to reduce the age to 16 because of the large number of crimes committed by juveniles when they reach this age, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The ministry has informed the Public Prosecutor and the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah has told a delegation from the Kuwait Lawyers Association he was dissatisfied with the new law that had reduced the age from 18 to 16.

In the meantime, legal sources said the current law is a constitutional violation because it gives the judicial commission the right to issue final judgments against juveniles in cases of religious extremism, homosexuality and those joining Satan worshippers.

The sources confirmed it is only within the authority of the courts to issue verdicts and not committees. In spite of this fact a new law came into force more than 10 days ago which gives the executive bodies in the ministries of Interior and Social Affairs to issue verdicts although none have issued any verdict for lack of space to detain suspects – suspects who have not yet reached the age of 18.

Source: Arab Times

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