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MoI targets money laundering gang
March 15, 2016, 8:28 am

The Ministry of Interior said on Monday its agencies have targeted a 14-people organized network involved in local and international money-laundering crimes.

The money-laundering network stole the numbers of Visa, Master-Cards and other credit cards, the ministry's security information department said in a press statement.

The group created fake credit cards to use in the depositing of ill-gotten funds by means of using imported special equipment to print cards bearing the names of dead people, or bearing fake and real names, it elaborated.

The gang then liquidated funds through payment via several companies with different activities at home following prior agreement over a certain interest rate, thus taking delivery of cash money and transferring it via local exchange firms to different world countries, it added.

The department added that the group has generated over 100 credit cards worth more than USD one million by using sophisticated equipment in order to transfer the data of stolen and fake credit cards and to deposit illegal funds through accurately and professionally devised schemes.

The network composes 14 people from different nationalities, it said, adding that 12 gangsters have been arrested while two others have been on the run either at home or abroad.They have been under security investigations and will face immediate legal punishment, the department said, urging citizens and expats to be cautious about their own credit cards.

Source: KUNA

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