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Municipality issues citations in massive raids
June 1, 2017, 9:35 am
Municipality inspectors during a raid at various stores issuing citations for violations.

Emergency Team ‘A’ affiliated to the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality recently embarked on an intensive campaign at Qurain Markets, factories in Subhan, and cooperative society stores to ascertain the level at which the shops and restaurants abide by Kuwait Municipality regulations.

The campaigns led to the issuance of 131 citations for various violations. 15 citations were issued over failure to use signposts to indicate activities and 48 citations for conducting activities before obtaining license.

Meanwhile, officials of the Farwaniya Municipality went on an inspection tour of some warehouses, restaurants, shops, kitchens and supermarkets in Ardiya Industrial Area, and issued 61 citations for various violations. Jahra Municipality officials also conducted campaigns at some shops and restaurants within the governorate and cited 14 violations in some markets there.

Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department stated the campaign coincided with the launch of a media awareness campaign of the Municipality dubbed “Your Health is Trust” aimed at exhibiting readiness of the monitoring authorities in various branches of the Municipality to intensify campaigns inside cooperative societies, the warehouses of food companies, wholesale foodstuff markets, as well as shops and restaurants during and after Ramadan.

Source: Arab Times

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