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National Assembly approves bills on surveillance and cyber crime
June 17, 2015, 10:16 am

The National Assembly on Tuesday approved several important bills, including the proposed installation of surveillance cameras and security devices, as well as the Cyber Crime Bill in their second reading. The Surveillance Camera Law obliges owners and managers of facilities to install surveillance cameras and security devices that operate throughout the day, in addition to a central control room.

Interior and Defense Committee Chairman MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf disclosed the security of the country was the main topic in Tuesday’s session. He believes the Surveillance Camera and Cyber Crime laws will greatly contribute to efforts to maintain national security and stability.

He explained the companies specialized in surveillance cameras will be given one year to complete the installation process that will start once the government issues the parameters of the law.

During deliberations on the Surveillance Camera Bill, MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah voiced concern over the article giving the minister of interior the right to install surveillance cameras in locations not mentioned in the proposal, if deemed necessary.


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