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‘Need for cooperation to eradicate sea pollution’ – KFU rejects being made scapegoat
April 24, 2017, 8:44 am

Kuwait Fishermen Union (KFU) has declared its total rejection of the dangerous allegations leveled against fishermen every time there is a problem related to marine pollution or unexplained death of fish, reports local daily.

Despite the past demands made by the union concerning the urgent need for sewage treatment, the sewage pollutants find their way into sea especially Kuwaiti Bay.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the union urged all concerned authorities to cooperate in eradicating pollution of the sea, monitoring the Kuwaiti Bay and following up what is transpiring at the bay.

It affirmed that it continuously obliges fishermen to comply with the regulations and laws governing the marine environment, especially since the sea is one of the main sources of sustenance.

The union expressed astonishment over the allegations leveled against fishermen without any evidences, especially when the real culprits are out in the open for all to see through the color of the sea, which has turned into black, green and oily at specific areas.

It said some hospitals continue to violate regulations by dumping sewage into the sea, adding that the waste and refuse of the four electricity substations (East and West Doha, Shuwaikh and Subbiya) also find their way into the Kuwait Bay, as though the health and lives of people are of no value.

The union indicated that some circles promote all negatives and place the blame on fishermen, stressing that they are on the target of eliminating the fishing profession and fighting the local product, despite the huge appreciation of the public and consumers for it.

It explained that investigations with complete transparency is needed concerning what happened in Watya, Salam Marriot and Shuwaikh Port in order to assure consumers and ensure those implicated take up the responsibility instead of playing the blame game on fishermen.

The union indicated that the Amiri Decree No. 46/1980 prohibits fishermen from fishing in Kuwaiti Bay, “so what is the reason behind these wrong allegations against fishermen? Why have fishermen become the weakest ring such that every time they are made the prime suspects?

Source: Arab Times

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