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Nepali maid sacrifices her life to save sponsor’s child
September 4, 2017, 8:20 am

A Nepali housemaid sacrificed her life to save the two-year old daughter of her Kuwaiti sponsor from drowning in a swimming pool at Abdali Farms area. A security source said the Kuwaiti citizen and his family embarked on a trip to Abdali Farms area and the child suddenly fell into a swimming pool.

According to the sponsor, the Nepali housemaid jumped into the pool without a second thought in an attempt to rescue the child, and drowned in the process.

The sponsor rushed his daughter with the housemaid to Qashaniya Clinic and they were referred to Jahra Hospital where doctors pronounced the Nepali dead, but the child survived. The remains of the victim have since been referred to Forensics for autopsy. A case was registered for investigation.

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