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Part-time jobs to allowed soon
September 10, 2014, 8:35 am

The Manpower Public Authority is in the process activating an article in the private sector labor law that authorizes the minister to issue a decision determining the conditions of hiring labor in the private sector, namely those related to allowing workers to work for others outside their official working hours, as part-timers.Deputy Director Badriya Al-Mukaimi explained that the rules would include filing a special form to be signed by the worker’s employer, and shows the approval of the worker’s sponsor and the manager of the part time job.

She also predicted that the bill would be ready within the coming few days. Meanwhile, informed sources said that the manpower authority would start receiving transactions at its temporary headquarters located in Jabriya yesterday in a building that had been previously allocated for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s Automation Project that would include the director’s and his three deputies offices.

The sources said that all needed documents and files related to the director’s office had been moved to the new building.

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