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Pigeon sold for $76,000 in Kuwait
August 24, 2016, 4:44 pm

A pigeon was sold in Kuwait for a record KD23,000 [$76,330] in an auction, prompting sharp criticism on social media. The pigeon is a roller known locally as 'Gallabi', a breed famous for performing spectacular air acrobatics.

A video of the auction that went viral on social media showed how the bids gradually reached the record figure amid pronounced enthusiasm by participants.

However, and despite the popularity of the Gallabi and reference to them as being among the most expensive pigeons in the world, media users were critical of the “astronomical” amount.

“Such a figure would make sense only if the pigeon had gold wings,” Asmar, a user, said. “After all, it is just a bird and people should be reasonable.”

Brains poured scorn on the buyer. “His brain is as small as that of a pigeon,” he said. “He should have offered the money to the poor and the needy who would put it to a good use and help themselves, instead of wasting them on a bird.”

Compassionate, a Saudi user, said that he was concerned the “quest for fake fame” would push people towards trivialities.

“I can see that the circus about paying shocking prices for beauty camels is now moving on to pigeons. I cannot begin to believe that at a time when some people are having problems putting food in their mouths, others are paying so much money for a pigeon.”

Khalid contributed to the debate by posting that he expected a pigeon that fetched such a price to “be able to speak several languages”.

Source: Gulf News

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