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Policewomen in Kuwait urged to adhere to dress code
February 24, 2016, 11:57 am

Policewomen in Kuwait have been warned to adhere to the strict uniform and appearance rules.

The new warning was issued on Tuesday by Sulaiman Fahad Al Fahad, the interior ministry undersecretary, after he noticed that some policewomen failed to adhere to the rules, decisions and orders issued in 2011 and 2014.

“All policewomen, regardless of their ranks, must remain fully committed to the rules during the working hours or when they are on an official mission or on assignment,” the circular said.

Under the rules, policewomen should not put an abaya, the traditional black coverall worn by women, on their uniforms or wear tight clothes. Pregnant policewomen must wear loose clothes.

The women in uniform must not wear heavy makeup, ostentatious accessories, coloured contact lenses, nose studs or long lashes. They must not have their hair cut in an unfamiliar style and must not have oversized rings.

Nails must not be extended by more than 2mm or be coloured and henna or any other designs on the hands must be avoided.

The policewomen are to wear their official shoes provided by the ministry, the circular said, putting out stilettos and sandals.

Al Fahad said that officers in charge of policewomen should meet them and explain the significance of the rules and the need to comply with them.

He warned that failure to adhere to the dress and looks code would result in questioning.

The drafting of policewomen in Kuwait was approved by the government in 2001.

Source: Gulf News

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