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‘Queues’ at health insurance centers
February 1, 2017, 8:22 am

Long queues of expatriates in front of health insurance centers are still witnessed, under the silence of Ministry of Health in clarifying the rumors, either by denial or confirmation, about the increase in annual health insurance charges to KD 130, reports local daily.

Expatriates who are seeking to obtain health insurance at KD 50 have been crowding in front of health insurance centers before daybreak with their blankets in order to stand in the queues and ensure they are able to carry out their transactions on the same day due to the severe congestion witnessed everyday at the centers.

Observers said Ministry of Health is responsible for this congestion due to its silence and lack of clarification concerning the real situation of expatriates.

They indicated that the number of transactions carried out in each center varies but it is an average of 800-900 transactions per day.

Source: Arab Times

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