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Security focus on customs after mosque attack
July 13, 2015, 9:08 am

The General Administration of Customs is believed to be infested with members of the Muslim Brotherhood group and other militants affiliated to various fanatic organizations, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting reliable sources.

On the background of this scenario, the State Security has opened an investigation to find out how the explosives material that was used in the attack on the mosque in Kuwait in Sawaber slipped through the Customs. The same sources say suspicious elements working at the General Department for Customs may have helped, to a large extent, to smuggle some types of explosives that has dramatically threatened the security of the state.

It has also been reported that the Ministry of Finance has failed in its task to manage this important facility which is dominated by a political group under the cover of religion and this is evidenced by the involvement of customs officers in the smuggling explosives and drugs into the country.

In the meantime, the government is planning to place the General Administration of Customs under the care of the Ministry of Interior instead of the Ministry of Finance due to the current volatile security situation in the region. In light of increasing acts of terrorism the customs department is seen as one of the most vital sectors to combat terrorism and the terrorists, the daily added.

The daily added, the government is expected to install very sophisticated devices at the air, sea and land customs counters to plug loopholes which may be exploited by the terrorists and drug dealers since customs inspectors depend on manual search which in most cases is inaccurate.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution continued interrogation of the Fintas Group members, taking statements from Sheikh Khalifa Al-Ali and Yousuf Shamlan Al-Essa before releasing them on bail of KD10,000 each while the travel ban imposed on them remains in effect. During the four-hour interrogation, the prosecution charged Al-Ali and Al-Essa like Sheikh Fawaz Al-Sabah and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah who have been released earlier under the same conditions.

The charges included spreading false information deemed harmful to the country and its security while attacking the judiciary by doubting their financial integrity as the judges were accused of taking bribes. Apart from this, the prosecution has contacted the Interpol to arrest two suspects — Zakir Al-Hashash and Rania Al- Saad — who are currently outside the country. According to a source, the prosecution obtained phone call records of one of the suspects, revealing conspiracy with Fintas Group.

Source: Arab Times

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