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Securitymen hunt person who transferred KD 5 mln overseas
March 1, 2015, 8:58 am

Security authorities are conducting intensive investigations to identify the person involved in money laundering and transfer of large sums worth about KD 5 million to bank accounts in Turkey and Iraq, reports a local daily. A police source said the money was transferred via a money exchange company on commission. The manager and accountant of the exchange company said they only transferred the money upon commercial licenses submitted by a person, but the lices turned out to be forged.

Financial case worth KD 500K

A Kuwaiti citizen involved in a financial case worth KD 500,000 was arrested by security operatives and referred to the relevant authority, reports a local daily. The citizen was driving in a reckless manner along a street in Mubarak Al- Kabeer when the police stopped him and checked his details and discovered he was defaulting KD 500,000 on debts to a bank. He seemed to be high in alcohol during arrest.

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