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Securitymen issue over 13,000 traffic citations, seize 1,297 cars
January 25, 2015, 9:01 am

Under the instructions of the minister of interior and supervision of his undersecretary, security crackdowns took place in different areas all over the country, says a press statement from the Interior Ministry. In Mubarak Al-Kabeer, the crackdowns led to the registration of 2,003 traffic citations and seizure of 355 vehicles while in Jahra, there were 2,825 traffic citations, 138 seized vehicles and one motorist was arrested.

Statistics also revealed the Operations Department at the General Traffic Department recorded 2,862 traffic violations, seized 492 vehicles and 14 motorcycles and arrested 12 motorists, while the Supervision and Inspection teams issued 5,600 traffic citations and seized 312 vehicles and nine motorcycles.

Meanwhile, security campaigns were conducted recently, during which two livestock pens in Wafra were inspected resulting in the impounding of 26 vehicles — 13 in each livestock pen; in addition to the seizure of an authorized garage due to the lack of compliance with security and safety conditions. Meanwhile, the Media Security Department confirmed in a press statement that the campaigns will continue to guarantee safety of the public and to stop recklessness and violations of the law.

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