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Shocked Kuwaiti public seeks answers to drugs in ‘Guirgian’
July 19, 2014, 9:14 am
Drug pills were reported to have been found in packets of ‘Guirgian’ originating from certain countries.

The issue of Guirgian packets being tampered with drug pills has taken the Kuwaiti society by surprise and now the entire society is demanding a transparent explanation from the concerned authorities including the Kuwait Munic-ipality, the General Customs Department and the Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The Al-Seyassah daily spoke to a number of officials for their views and opinions on the issue after it was widely rumored that some Guirguian packets contained drug pills which prompted the authorities to slap a ban on imports from certain country. All those interviewed have stressed on the need to hold a press conference by the Union of Cooperative Societies to reassure the citizens and provided all details in this respect in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Head of the Keifan Cooperative Society Mansour Al-Taneeb stressed on the necessity to shed more light on the issue. He pointed out the Keifan Cooperative Society buys Guirguian packets from any company that offers a competitive price.

He called on the union to issue a list of companies from which Guirguian should be purchased. Head of the Zahra Cooperative Society Abdullah Al-Jameel said the issue of drug pills is a serious matter and called on the concerned authorities to ensure nothing of this sort has happened and if it has to identity the parties responsible for the entire episode. Head of the Saad Al- Abdullah Cooperative Society Eng Saleh Al-Khaldi denied reports that Guirguian packets had been withdrawn from his society.

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