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Social sites ‘ruining’ lives of people, nation: official
April 21, 2015, 9:17 am

Director of Cybercrimes Investigation Department Colonel Yusuf Al-Habib has said the social networking websites has become a cause for concern because they may be the reason for destruction of people’s lives and even the state, reports a local daily.

Al-Habib has called on the concerned authorities to protect the people through awareness campaigns and by educating them in the absence of a policy to prevent the use of those sites. He pointed out some political, social and religious personalities through disgraceful acts become very influential in society and they are the major cause of crises because they promote extremism and libel through tweets.

In light of the rapid development of Smartphone application, it has become difficult for the security authorities to fully control crime, he said. He revealed the Cybercrimes Department deals with libel and defamation cases and stressed on the need for a national project to reduce the risk of bad use of the Internet. He denied the Cybercrimes Department is coordinating efforts with owners of the social networking websites to arrest the suspects. He added the Cybercrimes Department has arrested nearly 35 people for running porno accounts on monthly subscriptions and is taking legal action against them in the context of inciting immoral acts and debauchery.

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