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Tale of kidnap, love, jail and deportation
December 15, 2013, 1:26 pm

Public urge authorities to give driver and maid who planned to get married a happy ending

Police in Kuwait are investigating a Bangladeshi driver for kidnapping his lover, an Asian domestic helper, and keeping her in his sponsor’s home.

The unusual situation was discovered when the sponsor went up to the roof of his house and heard noises in the spare room.

Intrigued, the man entered the room and found the Asian woman who seemingly had been staying there for a long time there, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported on Sunday.

She informed him that she was a domestic helper working for another sponsor, saying the driver had kidnapped her and moved her to the room, telling her she could stay there until they could get married, the daily said, citing security sources it did not name.

The man, under the shock of the claims, took the helper to the police station in Al Jahra, northwest of the capital Kuwait City, where investigations revealed that she had been staying in the room for one month and that the driver visited her every night.

The police then took the driver for questioning and he said that he was in love with the helper and that the two had agreed to get married.

He admitted that he forcefully took her from the home of her sponsor when the family was out despite her pleas not to leave.

However, she eventually accepted the situation after he secured her a place where she could stay and live, the sources said.

The police filed a case of kidnapping against the driver and referred the helper to the deportation authorities after they found the existence of a case of absconding against her launched by her sponsor.

Commenting on the report, bloggers urged the authorities not to end the Romeo and Juliet story in a jail term for the kidnapper and deportation for absconding for the helper.

“It is a love story that reminds us of Romeo and Juliet, but it should have a happy ending,” Humood posted.

“Blue Dodi” in his comments said that the authorities should help them get married, not separate them.

“It is a sad outcome and it should not be that way,” Blue Dodi posted.


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