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Traffic department Chief denies using mobile phone while driving
June 21, 2013, 2:03 pm

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdulfattah Al-Ali has vehemently denied reports published recently on various media platforms that he used his mobile phone by hand while driving, reports Al-Shahed daily.

In a recent press statement, Al-Ali stressed there is no truth in the allegation as the picture of him using his mobile phone inside the car was taken when he parked his vehicle in the parking lot of an undisclosed university where he attended a seminar.

“I don’t use my mobile phone by hand while driving,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Al-Ali said the Kuwaitis are the most law-abiding people in the world, indicating the General Traffic Department encounters problems in the implementation of the traffic rules only with the expatriates, not the citizens.

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