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1,146 Kuwaiti and expats filed for conditioned divorce
March 22, 2015, 9:04 am

A total of 1,146 Kuwaiti and expatriate women filed for conditioned divorce last year and the concerned authorities have conducted a study to determine reasons behind this kind of divorce, reports a local daily quoting official statistics from the Ministry of Justice.According to statistics, the number of marriages that ended in conditioned divorce increased with 683 cases registered in 2014 at Riqae Courts Complex, 217 at Jaa’fari Court, 115 at Jahra Court, 97 at Ahmadi Court and 34 at Mubarak Al- Kabeer Court.

Sources revealed there are many factors leading to conditioned divorce like a woman’s abhorrence of married life due to the reluctance of the husband to take care of all expenses, in addition to the inhumane actions of husbands who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Sources said the citizens outnumbered expatriates in filing conditioned divorce last year while stressing the need to address the issue due to its dire consequences particular the negative impact on children.

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