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1-kg ‘ice’ drug seized from Kuwaiti woman
March 8, 2015, 9:25 am

A team of officers from the Drug Control General Department (DCGD) arrested a Kuwaiti woman for drug trafficking with one kilogram of ‘ice’ drugs in her possession. In a press statement, the Ministry of Interior revealed the arrest happened after the department verified a tip-off on the illegal activities of the suspect.

The officers then raided her apartment, during which she told officers that she obtained the drugs for personal consumption. The woman was referred to the concerned security department for further questioning and other legal procedures

Hundreds hand over unlicensed weapons

Hundreds of citizens have voluntarily handed over their unlicensed weapons to the designated collection centers in various police stations around the country since the launching of the campaign to collect unlicensed firearms, ammunition and firecrackers.

According to sources, the security agencies are closely watching those who might dump their weapons in fear of what might happen after the voluntary handover. The agencies have reiterated that no legal action will be taken against anyone who hands over unlicensed weapons voluntarily within the period specified by the Ministry of Interior.

Sources disclosed the ministry has provided seven advanced weapon and ammunition detectors with the capability to detect weapons and ammunition hidden up to six feet or more in the ground and concrete wall. Sources added the ministry has launched awareness programs on the weapons collection through its Media Department to encourage the public to hand over the unlicensed weapons, ammunition and firecrackers in order to avert accidents and catastrophes.

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