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100 weapons lost, money pocketed from food supplied to police
May 25, 2017, 8:52 am

With the formation of a fact-finding committee by Ministry of Interior for investigating the expenditure of millions from the budget of hospitality chapter, high-ranking sources reveal that this issue might fall heavily on top officials.

They elaborated about a huge scandal involving a top official of the Private Security Sector. The scandal is related to loss of weapons under his responsibility, supply of food meals to the police from which he benefited half of the costs, and abuse of authority in a manner that helped him appropriate vehicles, a house and other things illegally by violating the police code of discipline.

The sources explained that this official lost about 100 weapons which were under his personal responsibility. He did not file any report on the missing weapons, due to his negligence and slackness in executing the duties assigned to him.

He also did not find a better excuse for his failure of responsibility apart from framing several police officers. Some of these police officers are still in the force while some others are retirees and the rest of the framed officers were dead.

However, he failed in completely covering his tracks. The location of several lost weapons is yet to be determined. The beneficiaries of these weapons are also yet to be identified. The file concerning the lost weapons was closed for unknown reasons at some point, but there are intentions to reopen this file due to its significance.

The official tried to frame a higher ranking officer. Instead of conducting investigations by probing those he considered as suspects, he spent his energy writing a long report in which he accused those who were no longer in service. The scandals of this official include one revolving around him taking over a police station and transforming it into a five-star chalet for him and his family, through abuse of power and use of wasta which he enjoyed for the past several years.

He benefited from companies affiliated to his job authority. For example, he had demanded luxury cars from one of those companies, claiming that it will be used for security patrols. However, when his office received the car, it ended up being used by the members of his family. The official is also reported to have forced a company to provide him with a house registered under his name. The company eventually caved in and gave him a house.

This is a clear violation of the orders and instructions of Ministry of Interior, which bars any employee from using their authority for personal gains. In the past, a case was filed against him by one of the police officers who accused the official of helping a suspect escape.

Source: Arab Times

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