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100kg of hashish seized in Kuwait
June 30, 2014, 2:05 pm

Two suspects arrested in Kuwait police raid

Two men have been arrested by Kuwaiti police following the seizure of 100 kilograms of hashish worth an estimated 2 million Kuwait dinars (Dh25 million).

The two men, from an Arab country, confessed that they were dealing in the drugs on behalf of a Kuwaiti national who had just been released from jail and who was now in Jordan.

Security sources told local daily Al Rai that the police received a tip about an Arab man who was involved in smuggling drugs in large quantities into Kuwait.

“Investigators looked into the case and once they established the authenticity of the information, they obtained a warrant from the public prosecution and raided the home of the suspect,” the sources said, Al Rai reported on Monday.

“The police arrested the suspect after they found two large fibreglass boxes that contained 100 kilograms of hashish. They also arrested another man who was closely monitoring the area and took him alongside the first suspect for investigation.”

The two men admitted that they worked together on selling the drugs and that a Kuwaiti national, with antecedents in narcotics, was the leader of the gang.

The police alerted the country’s entry points to arrest him upon his return from abroad, the report said.

Kuwaiti authorities have been engaged in aggressive campaigns against the use and sale of drugs in the northern Gulf country.

Last week, local media reported the arrest of a Pakistani national for possessing 25 sachets of heroin and of a Kuwaiti woman for selling drugs to customers at a cafe in the Salmiya area in the capital, Kuwiat City.

The woman was arrested after she sold hashish to a police agent. Cigarettes filled with hashish and narcotic pills were seized from the woman, believed to be in her 40s.

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