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123,000 paid visa fines, absconders to be deported immediately
March 23, 2015, 8:49 am

The number of expatriates who have not updated their passport data to date is only 19,000 out of the 123,000, reports a local daily. The daily added until now the authorities have collected KD 6,000,149 from the violating expatriates in the form of fines. The sources pointed out a majority of the 19,000 are Syrians.

They are expected to update their passports once the Embassy of Syria in Kuwait begins to issue passports. Although the process of issuing visas is slow, the authorities expect everyone to complete updating data on their passports in four months time.

On the other hand, sources have revealed the General Administration for Immigration shall, without exception, deport immediately laborers under the Articles (18) and (20) if they are reported absconding by their sponsors.

Another measure that has been adopted by the Administration is concerning the validity of the passport which should be two years minimum for dependent visa and also work visa and not less than six months for visit visas.

The sources said the aim of these measures is to confront visa traders, fraud and bribery and to improve the image of Kuwait at international forums. This has come upon instructions and directives of the Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization and Residence Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah.

The sources revealed a ministerial decision has been issued concerning the automated linking between the Residence Affairs Department at the Interior Ministry with hotels and companies within the country on the issue of visas, noting the law has been issued and procedures have been prepared through private services department.

The sources also spoke about the amendments in the visa and residence application forms to avoid drawbacks that do not comply with the requirements of the new phase.

On the other hand, sources expect a draft law to modify the ministerial decision related to residence of expatriates to be submitted to the Minister of the Interior during the next month to be approved taking into account the dynamics of the work and the fees have remained unchanged over the years ago.

However, cases will be taken into account on humanitarian grounds. As for the proposed amendments, the sources said a rise in salary shall be a prerequisite for family and visit visas, allowing private universities to issue visas for students from outside wishing to study, giving a grace period of two months for those whose passports have expired in order to renew and transfer residence, and taking into account humanitarian cases such as the transfer of residence of the children from the father to the mother in the event of death, as well as fees of visit visa and dependence residency.

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