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1272 arrested in Sulaibiya vegetable market raid
January 8, 2016, 7:59 am

Security agencies in the Ministry of Interior continued the security campaigns in various parts of the country, the latest of which was the recent intensive campaign at the vegetable market in Sulaibiya area.

This resulted in the arrest of 1,272 people who violated the Residency Law, including 403 found to be working in fields contrary to what is stated in their residency permits. In a press statement, the ministry disclosed the number of those arrested for violating the Residency Law totaled 258, while 70 others violated the Public Authority of Manpower laws and 33 for absconding.

Some of those who were arrested for violating the Residency Law were released after their sponsors provided evidence that their residency permit is in process. Meanwhile, three people were arrested for failure to settle their debts, another three for theft and one wanted by law for involvement in an undisclosed case.

According to the Public Relations and Security Media Department, most of those arrested were working for other sponsors and since they were not reported by their sponsors for absconding, their sponsors will face legal action. The department affirmed that the concerned security agencies will continue carrying out security campaigns in every governorate to arrest outlaws, marginalized labor force and individuals who violated the Residency Law. It called on the public to always carry their identification documents to avoid legal problems.


Source: KUNA

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