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13,400 Kuwaitis ‘hit’, new medicine to treat Hepatitis C
October 22, 2015, 8:20 am

Consultant and Head of Gastroenterology and Nephrology Department at Sabah Specialized Health Zone Dr. Wafa Al- Hashash announced the introduction of a new medicine to treat Hepatitis C infections in Kuwait, indicating that Ministry of Health will soon start dispensing this medicine. She revealed that 13,400 Kuwaitis are suffering from this disease, which is not a small number.

Dr. Al-Hashash indicated the likelihood of more than 90 percent of the cases being treated by the year 2030 if an average of 10 percent is treated every year, revealing that the new method of treating the disease has been confirmed to be 98 percent effective and the patient will have to take maximum 12 to 24 pills in a week.

She explained that the disease is chronic considering the impact it has on the kidney, which is an indispensable part of the body. Detecting the disease late is more dangerous because it would have caused irrepairable destruction to the kidney by then. People of all ages are advised to go to hospitals and primary healthcare centers for medical tests in this regard to ensure they are free of the disease.

Source: Arab Times

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