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150,000 bogus-employed face deportation
September 10, 2013, 11:06 am

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has decided to refer 15,000 employers for judicial investigation for committing serious violations, as they failed to update their status for almost four years. According to an informed source, the ministry will demand placing travel bans on the suspects until their cases are investigated and their statuses are updated, as well as a fine of KD 5,000 each is paid. He indicated that the concerned department in the ministry has been collating files of the violators who have been on suspension since 2009 under the Codes 71, 72 and 73 for their being handed over to the concerned legal and judicial authorities.

He declared that an average of 10 employees were registered in the file of each employer, which means that up to 150,000 employees are at present with unknown conditions and legal status. He explained that code 71 means committing multiple serious violations against regulations, while code 72 denotes shutting down of an establishment completely or presence of marginal or excess workers that the company does not need. He added that code 73 stands for files of those employers who have committed series of administrative and regulation violations.

He stressed that all workers registered under these companies are liable to deportation. He revealed that the ministry has been stamping and coding files of the employers after several administrative warning procedures and inspections through the concerned teams and tripartite committees from the ministries of Interior, Social Affairs and Labor, and Commerce and Industry. He urged the violators to update their status as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, General Traffic Department has discovered the existence of nearly 20,000 fake drivers’ licenses in the country, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting security sources. They revealed that the department has noticed that the necessary procedures were not followed and required approvals were not obtained for the issuance of these drivers’ licenses.

They also revealed that the security authorities are following up on the forgery committed in issuing 80 fake drivers’ licenses, indicating that investigations will be carried out especially on some female employees who admitted that they issued fake drivers’ licenses for KD 1,000 each.

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