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150 foreign, high-level media figures invited to cover elections - Al-Baddah
November 6, 2016, 3:40 pm

Director of the Europe and the Americas Media Department in the Ministry of Information Mohammad Al-Baddah said on Sunday that the Information Ministry, represented by the Foreign Media department, has made all preparations to host some 150 media figures and journalists from around the world to cover the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for November 26.

Al-Baddah, also Head of the Elections Committee told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) in an exclusive interview that the foreign media department has invited 150 senior-level experts in the field of media and journalism including CNN, Al-Arabia, Sky News as well as a number of other prestigious newspapers to cover the upcoming elections in Kuwait.

He added that the foreign news reporters would be taken on tours to the elections to see for themselves the polling centers on the elections day, in addition to other tours to the recently-inaugurated Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center and Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyah as Kuwait has always been keen in culture as being the capital of Islamic Culture and a 'Humanitarian Center', in addition to His Highness the Amir being the 'Humanitarian Leader'.

He said that the tours of the foreign press men will start between November 21st till November 27th to see for themselves the diversity which eventually will be of interest of Kuwait.

Al-Baddah noted that the reporters would also pay a visit to the National Assembly to get them acquainted with the nature of the parliament and the role of the MPs in the real parliamentary life.

The Kuwaiti official pointed out that the media center in Sheraton would serve all foreign news reporters, adding that he feels proud that the center would be run by an elite number of Kuwaiti staffers of the foreign media department, adding this would reflect positively on the State of Kuwait.

He said that a full itinerary has been made by the foreign media department staffers for Kuwait's guests, adding that there is also cooperation with the state's television and radio, where two studios have been setup in the media center to broadcast live the elections events.

He said that the lectures to be held would be translated for the guests, adding that it is a good opportunity to promote Kuwait to the world. Al-Baddah said that some 75 high-level experts in the research institutes, renowned media men, and other media organizations, such as CNN, Sky news, Al-Arabia wishing to come and cover the elections which stand at almost 70 personalities.

Al-Baddah stressed that all facilities for the foreign news reports have been made in order to facilitate their stay and make transparent coverage of this democratic process. He praised efforts carried out by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) not only during these elections but throughout the year.

He said that the ministry of information and the foreign media department highly rely on the trustworthy news of KUNA inside or outside Kuwait, thanking all KUNA's staffers for their relentless efforts in this regard. 

Source: KUNA

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