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163,686 work permits issued in 2013: Manpower Authority
October 21, 2014, 8:49 am

Well-informed sources at the Manpower Public Authority said that the total number of work permits issued in 2013 were 163,686, an increase of 25,253 compared to 2012, reports local media.

The sources added that most of those work permits (80,385) had been issued by the government projects department while the Capital department came second by issuing 32,761 work permits. The sources added that 6,012 work permits were issued by the Hawally work permits department, 8,324 were issued in Farwaniya, 18,536 in Ahmadi, 16,729 in Jahra and 939 were issued in Mubarak Al-Kabeer.

Further, the sources noted that 323,390 expats joined the private sector and that this number was 141,474 less than the numbers registered in 2012.

“3,835 people transferred visas from the private sector, 9,168 transferred visit visas to work for the private sector, 9,781 transferred to dependant visas and 700 transferred from government to private sector visas,” explained the sources.

Moreover, the sources said that the total number of labor complaints it received in 2013 was 13,200 and that 2,925 of them had been settled amicably, while 2,928 were referred to court, 4,328 were written off and 2,992 were still pending investigation.

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