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2 years passport validity must for work permits, family visas
January 13, 2015, 8:45 am

A security source said that iqama affairs departments have received instructions not to issue a residency visa to any person who enters the country for the first time whose passport validity is less than two years. The source said that this decision became active Sunday, adding that it applies to all those who want iqamas, be it the government, private companies, domestic helpers, etc.

The source said there an awareness campaign will be launched in a few days about enforcing article 15 of the law that links the iqama period with the validity of the passport, which means the iqama validity will not exceed passport validity.

The source said the decision aims at sparing expats from having new violations, as no iqama will be granted to an expat whose passport's validity is less than one full year, in order to protect the expat and national security after discovering forgeries in 7,000 Syrian passport renewals. The source said those who want an iqama for two years should have a passport valid for two years and the same for those who want a one-year iqama.

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