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20 Ethiopians held at fake maids office run by Egyptian
May 18, 2016, 8:37 am

The General Residency Affairs Investigation Department in the Interior Ministry received information about a bogus domestic labor office managed by an Egyptian. According to the informant, the office shelters absconding domestic workers who are referred to new sponsors after paying a certain amount. The office issues fake receipts to the workers once the payment is done for the transaction to appear legitimate.

Once the information was verified, a team of investigators took legal action, leading to the arrest of 20 Ethiopians and the Egyptian manager of the office. The team later discovered that the arrested individuals are wanted by law for involvement in criminal and absconding cases. On the other hand, the Public Relations and Security Media Department reiterated its call on citizens and expatriates to refrain from providing shelter to absconding workers in order to avoid legal problems.

Source: Arab Times

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