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20 of over 200 trafficked-African women to Kuwait return home
April 12, 2016, 8:50 am

Twenty of the over 200 Zimbabwean who were reportedly stranded in Kuwait after they were lured to the Middle East country on the pretext they were going to be offered lucrative jobs by a local human trafficking syndicate, have returned to Harare.

According to a reliable source, most of these women had their travel documents confiscated upon arrival at the Kuwait International Airport and were reported to two individuals to work as domestic helpers.

Most of them were employed as housemaids under harsh conditions and were not allowed to leave, denied enough food, forced to work for long hours while others were reportedly forced into prostitution.

Earlier it was reported the Zimbabwean police had arrested a senior Kuwait embassy official believed to be part of a well-organized human trafficking organization.

The 62 year old suspect, was named as B. A. May, and believed to be working as a secretary for the Embassy in Harare. She was taken into custody for luring female job-seekers to Kuwait on the pretext the job was secure and decent, but in actual fact they were sold into prostitution and menial jobs.

She was suspected of facilitating or processing visas for the victims. According to a Zimbabwean newspaper about 200 Zimbabwean women were stranded in Kuwait after being promised jobs.

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