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2000 candidates Interviewed at VIVA’s walk-in interviews
July 2, 2013, 10:14 am
VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing telecom operator, announced yesterday that more than 2000 candidates attended its three-day walk-in interviews event that was held at the Hotel Missoni from June 25 to 27. The event granted Kuwaiti professionals the opportunity to submit their resumes to VIVA’s Human Resources (HR) team, who interviewed them for 10 minutes. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Badran, VIVA’s Chief Executive Officer said: “This year, VIVA’s three-day Walk-In interviews were yet again, a great success. More than 2000 resumes were submitted, and each applicant had the opportunity to be interviewed by one of the HR team members. It was great to see so many Kuwaiti applicants.”
“At VIVA, we have a firm belief in the potential Kuwaitis enjoy, and we look forward to recruiting, developing and retaining Kuwaiti talents and investing in community initiatives that encourage people to join the telecommunications sector” added Al-Badran. Worthy to note, VIVA has proudly conformed to the Kuwaiti Labor law, exceeding the mandated percentage of Kuwaiti employees within the company. VIVA is committed to employing skillful and ambitious Kuwaiti’s who will add value to the company’s operations and services.
VIVA would like to thank all the applicants who came to the three-day Walk-In Interview event. VIVA will continue to enhance its employees’ insight of the telecom industry while also providing its customers with the excellent services and telecom solutions, today and in the future. VIVA is the fastest-growing telecom operator in Kuwait. Launched in December 2008, VIVA makes things possible for its customers by transforming communication, information and entertainment experiences. The company has rapidly established an unrivalled position in the market through its customer centric approach.
VIVA’s quest is to be the mobile brand of choice in Kuwait by being transparent, engaging, energetic and fulfilling. VIVA continues to take a considerable share of the market by offering an innovative range of best value products, services and content propositions; a state of the art, nationwide network and world-class service. VIVA offers internet speeds of more than 100 Mbps, due to the implementation of the most advanced fourth generation (4G LTE) network in Kuwait resulting in superior coverage, performance and reliability.
Source Kuwait Times
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