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24 expatriates ‘working’ for superiors sacked
January 11, 2016, 8:19 am

Following the disclosure of embezzlement of funds, the issue of bank guarantees and corruption in the financial and administrative sectors, a new scandal has surfaced which led to the termination of services of 24 expatriates after it became clear they were running errands for some Municipal officials, reports Al-Rai daily.

A senior source at the Kuwait Municipality said after checking the files of these workers and monitoring and following up their performance it was discovered that they were spread over in all provinces and worked for the officers to do their personal work. The source pointed out these expatriates were not committed to regular attendance, did not perform their tasks but senior officials covered them.

To add insult to injury these men were even given bonuses following recommendation by their bosses. The source said the Deputy Director- General for Financial and Administrative sector at the Kuwait Municipality Engineer Waleed Al- Jassem is expected to prepare a report.

The source also revealed some of these expatriates did not attend work since 2010 and were excluded from the fingerprint attendance upon orders from their superiors. Some of these employees worked as personal drivers for officials in the Municipality for the past five years, some as photographers and some even as mandoubs.


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