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25 Hezb-Cell members on Kuwait wanted list
August 16, 2015, 9:00 am

Security operatives identified 25 suspects — Kuwaitis, Lebanese and Iranians — most of whom work in exchange bureaus, over alleged involvement in activities of the Lebanese Hezbollah-affiliated terrorist cell, security sources reveal. The police raid over the incident continued in Rumaithiya, Jabriya, Adan and Abdally to arrest people who were involved in collection of donations from Husseiniyas in the interest of Hezbollah and are suspected to have relations with the terrorist cell.

The officers have also been monitoring suspicious money transfers at exchange bureaus. Further investigations led the detectives to the suspects who worked in money exchange bureaus and eased the process of money laundering after money was collected in the diwaniyas.

Kuwaiti security authorities have supplied to their Lebanese counterparts a list of Lebanese Hezbollah members who have received weapons and are in constant contact with the cell, requesting the authorities to investigate the suspects. The source affirmed that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Sabah will present a detailed report about this terrorist cell to the Cabinet on Monday. Meanwhile, security operatives have apprehended a PhD holder, identified as J.G., who works as an academic staff member at Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET).

Securitymen raided his residence in Jabriya area on Friday immediately after he arrived in the country. With his arrest, the number of suspects has now reached seven while three others are still at large. Most of the suspects are Kuwaitis while two others are from Iran and Lebanon who used to visit the suspicious farm once in two weeks to meet its 1968-born owner, identified as H.A.H. According to a source, the doctor arrested in Jabriya is closely related to some suspects in the bombings that occurred in Kuwait in the 1980s.

The second suspect, identified as A.G., is a trainer at the Special Forces of Ministry of Interior, who specializes in fighting techniques and management of explosives. He is married to the daughter of a suspect in the explosions that rocked the country in the 1980s and lives in Rumaithiya where some firearms were recovered during his arrest.

He used to hold a weekly diwaniya which was widely visited by some citizens who are linked to the terrorist cell and are being interrogated at the Public Prosecution. As per the confession made by one of the suspects, some of them live in Rumaithiya and Jabriya. The members of the cell have strong link to the explosions in the 1980s and are in close contact with Hezbollah of Lebanon. After arresting owner of the farm and diwaniyia at Abdullah Al-Mubarak area, security operatives received information that those who work at his Hussainia collected some money and donation ‘onefifth’, so they were arrested and are being interrogated to ascertain their level of involvement in the Hezbollah cell activities.

With the widening of the scope of the ongoing intensive investigations concerning the recent confiscation of the largest quantity of weapons and explosives in the country’s history and the arrest of the terrorist cell in possession of these weapons, security authorities in Kuwait are now looking for three Iranian individuals who are allegedly linked to the busted Hezbollah terrorist cell, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Informed sources revealed that the individuals involved in the case include four citizens who were employed in the ministries, explaining that the officers are currently interrogating nine Iranians and two Lebanese over this issue. These suspects were working in the money exchange and construction sectors in Kuwait. They indicated that more suspects are expected to be arrested “within days” as the investigation widens and more raids are being conducted on all suspicious places. The sources revealed that all the suspects had received training in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, an official security source provided details regarding the investigations that have been conducted so far from the time it was launched last summer. He explained that Ministry of Interior had received confidential information from a foreign intelligence service almost a year ago about a terrorist plot against Kuwait by a sleeper cell belonging to Hezbollah. Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdulhameed Al-Awadhi had formed a special squad to pursue the matter and confirm the authenticity of the information, as well as to monitor and follow-up the cell’s activities. This squad was formed several months before the establishment of the General Department of Weapons Investigations for collecting unlicensed weapons.

The special squad obtained numerous correspondences sent between the members of the terrorist cell and members of Hezbollah, from which it discovered that the suspects had traveled to Lebanon to receive intelligence and military training. All these evidences were documented by securitymen. The suspects who were recently arrested had revealed that they belong to the various wings of Hezbollah such as military, social and political wings. They expressed pride in being members of Hezbollah and indicated that they stored the weapons and explosives inside a store after they reached the country.

Smuggling method Regarding the method of smuggling the weapons and explosives into the country, the source said that this issue has been referred to the State Security Department which is carrying out intensive investigations to figure out how such huge quantities of weapons and explosives entered the country. He indicated that the special squad has been working on the case for about a year before the terrorist elements were arrested. All suspicious places that can be used to store weapons or plan terrorist operations are currently under surveillance. He also indicated that the coming period will witness several raids on these locations after the squad obtain legal authorization.

Source: Arab Times

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