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25 dead, 202 injured in Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque blast (UPDATE)
June 26, 2015, 5:43 pm

At least 25 were killed and many people wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shiite Muslim mosque packed with some 2,000 worshippers during Friday prayers in Kuwait city, a witness said.

According to initial witness reports, eight people were killed in the explosion. But agency reports revised the death toll upwards to 16, then to 25.

Daesh claimed what was the first-ever bombing of a Shiite mosque in Kuwait and the first terror attack in the Gulf state since January 2006.

“We couldn’t see anything, so we went straight to the wounded and tried to carry them out. We left the dead,” said witness Hassan Al Haddad, 21, who said he saw several dead bodies.

Another witness, Ahmad Al Shawaf, said worshippers were standing shoulder to shoulder in group prayer when the explosion struck near the door of the mosque, behind some of the worshippers.

Al Shawaf said the explosion took place near the end of a second prayer that is traditional to Shiites and that follows the main midday Friday prayer.

He said witnesses standing behind him said they saw a man walk in, stand in the back with other congregants and detonate his device.

Mohammed Al Faili, 32, said that his 70-year-old father was killed in the explosion and two of his brothers were also wounded.

Speaking to the AP by telephone, he said he was not at the mosque at the time of the explosion but was heading to the morgue to identify his father’s body.

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