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30 women arrested in raids on caf├ęs
May 29, 2017, 9:25 am

Every time the Committee for Joint Monitoring and Follow-up on Cafés affiliated to the Council of Ministers embarks on inspection campaigns, it comes across the negative phenomenon of women serving men in cafes, even during the late hours of the night.

Such a phenomenon gives the impression that the operators of those cafes are deliberately perpetrating violations, reports local daily.

Coordinator of the committee Faisal Al-Hafez disclosed that a campaign was recently launched in some cafés in Salmiya and Hawally areas. He explained that the officials caught 30 women who violated the Constitution by serving customers late in the night. Many of the workers who were caught working there had absconded from their real sponsors.

Al-Hafez affirmed that the law of Public Authority for Manpower stipulates that women should not be working in café joints that are meant exclusively for men and vice versa.

Al-Hafez revealed that the committee issued warning citations concerning transfer of sponsorship, indicating that the rate of violations in the labor market, especially those against female workers, are overwhelming. He indicated that 70 percent of the cafés employ female servers and waiters, large majority of who are discovered to work late into the night.

Source: Arab Times

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